To Customize VLC snapshot (Desktop App):-

  • Open VLC Media Player preferences window.
    • To do it, click on “preferences” from “Tools” menu.

customize VLC snapshot

  • Select Video Settings from the preferences window.
  • There you will see “Video Snapshots” section.

VLC Video Snap Prefix PSD

  • Here you can change settings like –
    • Option to change snapshots or screenshots saving directory (Click on “Browse button” and choose the directory).
    • Option to change snapshot file format (png, jpg, tiff).
    • Option to set snapshot file name prefix.
  • By default the prefix is set as “vlcsnap” and a time-stamp will be added along with it while saving the snapshot. To change it we can set variables like in the image above.
    • For example we can set $N as a prefix instead of “vlcsnap” . By doing that snapshot will be saved with the video file name as the prefix.

VLC snapshot 2



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