To take snapshots in VLC :-

  • Ensure that the latest version of the VLC media player is installed.
  • Play the video from which you want to take snapshots.
  • When you want to take snapshot of a moment, pause it to avoid blurry images.
  • Now press the shortcut keys for taking snapshot.

take snapshots in vlc

  • In Windows :- SHIFT + S
  • In Linux :- CTRL + ALT + S
  • In Max OS X :- COMMAND + ALT + S

take snapshots in vlc

  • iPhone or iPad :- Press and hold down (Power button + Home button)
  • Android :- Varies with the device model and android version (Usually it will be Power Button + Volume Button or Power Button + Home Button)

To know more about taking VLC screenshots, their naming preferences click here.


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