To convert video to GIF image:-


  • Video Clip
    • Please make sure that the video is shorter in length as the GIF image size depends on the length of the video. And most of the photo sharing websites won’t allow you to upload gif images with size more than 2 Mb.
  • Instagiffer application ( Mac or PC)
    • You can download Mac or PC version from here.


Instagiffer app settings

  • Open Instagiffer application and go to “Settings Menu” and make the following changes:-
    • Overwrite Output GIF – Uncheck this option. (By default Instagiffer will save the output GIF files as insta.gif, so when we are creating multiple GIF files the old files will be deleted. Disabling this option will not overwrite previous GIF files but will name the new files like insta001.gif, insta002.gif…).
    • Configure Your Log0 :- Using this option you can add a logo to the GIF animation.
    • Extra GIF Compression – Check this option. (Enabling this option will reduce the size of the output GIF file).
  • Click on ” Load Video ” button, it will open a selection window. Choose the video clip which you want to convert and click open.

Instagiffer Loading

  • Once the video is loaded it will generate frames for the GIF file.
  • If you want fine quality of the GIF images and don’t want to end up with large file size, I suggest you to shorten the video length. I prefer converting video files of length 5 seconds or less.
    • You can change the GIF animation length or video length  by adjusting the options like –
    • Start Time :- Set the start time where the GIF animation should begin.
    • Length        :-Set the overall length of the animation, by default the animation length is set to 3 seconds and you can change it.

For example, the video I added is of 36 seconds in length and I set the start time at 10 seconds and overall length as 5 seconds, now the output GIF will have the animation from 10 seconds to 15 seconds of the loaded video.

Instagiffer Creating GIF

  • You can add effects or change other settings like Frame size, quality – higher the value of these things will increase the file size.
  • Once you are finished with the editing click on ” Create GIF! ” button. The output GIF file will be saved to the desktop by default and a popup window will show you the preview of the final GIF file.

Alice In Wonderland 2a

  • If the size of the final GIF file is more than 2 Mb, you will get a warning message. You can reduce the file size by removing some frames or reducing the quality settings or the overall length.


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